Shipping and Returns

Winter in Holland makes their products by hand. Therefore keeping a stock is a tricky task. We try to send small orders (Up to 5 pieces per order) within 3 weeks.

Did you order machine-made products? These are mostly in stock and will be send within 1 week.

We send the products from The Netherlands, Europe. Depending of the destination of the package, the delivery time can start from 2 days for The Netherlands, to 3 weeks for Asia and America.

If you would like to receive a specific delivery date for your order, send an e-mail to . We are more than happy to inform you about your delivery dates.

Shipping costs are calculated when you enter the shipping address on the check-out page.

Did you order and would you like to add a product? Send us an e-mail and we’ll arrange a free shipping for you, when your original order was not send out yet.

Would you like to return the product? Or would you be happier with one of our other products? Returning is possible within 14 days after arrival of the shipping.

Before shipping it back, let us know that you would like to return our product. We will give you the right address on which you can return it to.

When the product arrives in the same condition as we had shipped it to you, we will make the money transfer to the bank account it was payed from. Please note: We do not pay for the return shipping.

We also would appreciate it if you could let us know why you are not happy with our product!