Scarf Moonrise


100% Socially Made in Amsterdam
Soft Merino Wool hand knitted
Hand dyed gradient

– Moon rise –

The knit ‘Moon rise’ features an aubergine-purple yarn combined with a thick woolen white-to-grey yarn. The name ‘Moon rise’ symbolizes the end of the day. In my research, I found that the moon does not only appear in nights and that it is perfectly normal when it does not always appear in the night sky.

Back to the knit: All the products of ‘collection 2’ consist of a pattern that slightly shifts, which results a contrasting pattern right in the middle of the product. This gives an extra exciting twist to the product! The hand knitted product is intensely soft and keeps your warm though the winter. The size of this product is approximately 35cm by 180cm.


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The Winter in Holland ‘warm knits’ collection includes soft, but above all, warm merino scarfs. These merino scarfs are made for men and women. Winter in Holland intents to produce with high quality scarfs with high quality materials and with the best knowledge of fibers and production processes. This results in a product which you will be able to use for a long time. The merino scarfs are knitted in Amsterdam by our crafts ladies under our social label ‘Socially Made in Amsterdam’.


The makers of our textiles, come from cultures where education for women still is uncommon. Ever since they moved to The Netherlands years ago, they are unable to participate on the job market. They are bound to home instead. Winter in Holland helps these women become independent and gives them a career within the field of textiles. The women receive education to become professional knitters, will earn money for their work and will gain help to set up their own business. All products made by these craftswomen, are marked by the label: Socially Made in Amsterdam.

Wool talk

A characteristic of pure wool is that it is easy to care for. It is a self-cleaning product. “The core of the wool fiber consists of two types of cells that absorb different quantities of moisture. As a result, one type swells more than the other and they move in constant friction. This gives the wool fiber a mechanical self-cleaning effect.” Concluding this: wool products do not need frequent cleaning and rather need ventilation in humid weather conditions.


Wool, if treated kindly, will maintain its beauty and softness for its long life.
In order to keep the wool happy:
1. Minimal washing would be great.
2. If washing is necessary, spot washing or a cold hand wash will give the best results.
3. Do not put me in the dryer. Dry me on a flat surface.
4. Do not iron me, the woven pattern will not appreciate that.
5. Love me & hug me. I will certainly do the same for you.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 180 x 35 cm