Cushion Morning Sky


This light and fresh grey reflects the woolly sky that keeps the heat on the earth when hanging in the air. Made of a merino lambswool ( = soft sheep AND the baby hairs of it) this fabric has a very light and rich feel. As Winter in Holland strives for getting quality in your house, this might be that perfectly curated item that will live alongside you for many years.



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Winter in Holland is set out to bring you the best quality possible. We believe that a product should be lasting as long as you want to use it. We hope that this item will become one of the notable products which you own and which you will want to use because it became part of you.

The wool is woven in England by our finest weaver. The blanket is finished in Amsterdam. The leather label is lasered in Limburg (NL)

Wool if treated kindly with respond in kind by maintaining its beauty and softness for its long life.
In order to keep the wool happy:
1. Minimal washing.
2. If washing is necessary, spot washing or a cold hand wash will give the best results.
3. Do not put me in the dryer. Dry me on a flat surface.
4. Do not iron me, the woven pattern will not appreciate that. Instead you can steam me, with the steam option on your iron. Hang it above me, do not touch me with the hot surface.
5. Love me & hug me. I will do the same for you.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 0.3 cm