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Shop our High quality bonnet of wool
Shop onze wollen mutsen van hoge kwaliteit
Shop onze wollen mutsen van hoge kwaliteit
Shop onze wollen mutsen van hoge kwaliteit
Shop onze wollen sjaals en mutsen van hoge kwaliteit

Gorilla’s Fur


While grey and black accessories may be your go-tos for the dreary winter months, it’s important to choose pieces that’ll still add some textural interest to outfits. This bonnet is worn with the cuff folded over for a snug fit.


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Material: merino wool and virgin wool
For this collection, we present hand-knitted textiles with a subtle structure and delicately picked finishings. The rich feeling of the soft wool asks to be touched, held and worn. The new collection shows a testament of clean and indulging design and reflects an excellent understanding of the craft behind knitting.

The textiles, unlike other collections of the brand, have an uninterrupted even texture and color. Except for one contrasting line (‘Lijn’ in Dutch) that highlights merely a shimmer of the underlaying texture of the cloth.  The serene atmosphere that surrounds the collection, easily compliments many interiors and will accompany the room with a welcoming and wholehearted feeling.


If treated kindly, the wool, in respond, will maintain its beauty and softness for its long life 

In order to keep the wool happy:

1. Minimal washing.

2. If washing is necessary, spot washing or a cold hand wash will give the best results.

3. Do not put me in the dryer. Dry me on a flat surface.

4. Do not iron me, the woven pattern will not appreciate that.

5. Love me & hug me. I will do the same for you.

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