Blanket Dawn


Dawn is a time a day just before the sun comes up. At dawn, the weak light of the sun already gleams over the horizon. There are 3 stages of dawn, which are defined by the amount of sunlight, subsequently changing the colors of the sky. Knitted with a deep petrol blue yarn, combined with a soft white woollen yarn dyed from white to grey, the knit of Winter in Holland is named after this special time of day.

The hand knitted product is intensely soft and keeps your warm though the winter. The size of this product is approximately 120cm by 180cm.

This product is hand made and part of ‘Socially Made Amsterdam’. Read all about it here

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The Winter in Holland ‘warm knits’ collection for winter 2014/2015 is knitted from a combination of Virgin wool and a cashmere wool. After using this knit for a while, the pattern in the Virgin wool will felt, which makes it even more beautiful.

A characteristic of pure wool is that it is easy to care for. It is a self-cleaning product. “The core of the wool fibre consists of two types of cells that absorb different quantities of moisture. As a result, one type swells more than the other and they move in constant friction. This gives the wool fibre a mechanical self-cleaning effect.” Wool products do not need frequent cleaning and rather should be aired in humid weather conditions.

Wool if treated kindly with respond in kind by maintaining its beauty and softness for its long life.
In order to keep the wool happy:
1. Minimal washing. 100% wool has a self-cleaning effect.
2. If washing is necessary, spot washing or a cold hand wash will give the best results.
3. Do not put me in the dryer. Dry me on a flat surface.
4. Do not iron me, the woven pattern will not appreciate that.
5. Love me & hug me. I will do the same for you.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 180 × 120 cm