The appreciation of products – Tinta Luhrman

In search of what an object can mean to a person, we interviewed Tinta.
She photographed our knitted towel to accompany her answers with. Read about Tinta’s philosophy behind owning products and her emotional connection with them.


We got to know of Tinta Luhrman, co-owner of Woodchuck, a while ago. Her distinctive and specific style suits the eye and softens the mind.
Through her visual language, you see hints of her life. Including corners of her house, her daughter cosying up with the dog and some every day objects selectively put together. It is obvious that she carefully curates items around her. We are curious how she puts together her habitat and what objects can mean to her:


“I have dealt with a lot of misery, and the world shows a lot of sadness. Therefore I cherish what is dear to me”



If you pick your favorite item which you own, what are the reasons that these are your favorites?

“ My favorite items are my hat, my woolen socks and woolen vest, my Thonet chairs, the first shoes of my daughter, her first dress, a bedlinnen, our dinner table, my pots, my tableware.. Guess I just can go on like this! The things with which I surrounded myself, make me very happy. It is important to me to ensure that all objects in my environment make me feel good. I have dealt with a lot of misery, and the world shows a lot of sadness. Therefore I cherish what is dear to me. Above all, I mostly love my husband, my daughter and our dog, Paxi.”


Sounds like you have quite an emotional attachment to these objects ( and people off course 😉 ). Probably more than the average person.
Whenever you purchase new products, what are important requirements which a product should meet?

“ That is a super easy question to answer. I ask myself: is it sustainable, fairly produced with natural materials and does it reflect that it is made with love? Studying the labels to get more information on the product is a thing I always do. I try not to buy many products that had to come from far, considering environmental issues. My best example: I only eat the apples that fall from our own trees!”



After briefly meeting you, it was immediately clear that your style reflects your personality. As a stylist, you are constantly aware of style. What does a personal style mean to you?

“ I have never followed trends in my life, I do not believe in that. Why would I participate on a trend when it is only for a short period of time? People who really know me, sometimes name things ‘ a Tinta-thing’. This supports the idea that I really have my own style. In this style I feel at home and at ease. This atmosphere makes me calm”

Tinta is, together with Rutger (husband), the founder of Woodchuck. A wood-work design studio focusing on designing furniture and house remodeling. Woodchuck breathes Tinta’s sense of style. As they state themselves: “ Even though we love simplicity, our creations always radiate warmth. Woodchuck shows that minimalism can indeed be atmospheric”


“ I have never followed trends in my life, I do not believe in that”


What role plays function and quality within a product, for you?

“ First of all, a product needs to serve its purpose. However, this might be different for each person. I consider art being functional, because it makes me happy.
When I buy a candle of top quality wax, but its done burning after an hour, it did not serve its purpose. Great quality to me does not automatically mean great functionality. Take a perfectly finished jeans made out of quality material, but if you do not dare to actually wear it or even wash it. Then I’ll pass. After all, both function and quality are important. I will always keep both factors in mind when purchasing a new object or product.”


Shop the towel!

The towel that Tinta used in her images, is our brown Nutmeg. This brown color goes nicely with our Pink Pepper or our Grey Labiatae. This towel is designed to function and produced to be used. Curious how we made the cloth ‘work’? Get ready for some nerdy textile talk:

We used pure cotton yarns to take advantage of the natural characteristic of the fiber: to absorb water.

This textile is loosely knitted with a thick, pure, cotton yarn to give the fiber space to do what it does best. The feel is super soft, and that is the exact reason why it functions: the fiber is not locked up in a tight weave.

Use this cloth to dry your dishes or to dry your hands and face.

   Towel Grey - LabiataeTowel Brown - NutmegTowel Pink - Pink Pepper



Wardrobe philosophy with Guillaume Maat – Minimal Men

Every wardrobe has a story. Through the garments, the pieces you selectively curated, you reflect who you are and who you admire to be. This is one aspect with which we, at Winter in Holland, are driven by when we design a new scarf or any other product.

We got in touch with Guillaume Maat, founder of the online style journal ‘ Minimal Men’, to talk about his style and the way he curates his closet and interior. He styled an outfit for us, with our scarf, to accompany his answers, and therefore his view on style, with.


How does your style reflect your personality?

“ Since a few years now, I notice that my style and taste becomes more specific. It is important for me that you can see my personality in my style. I am a true perfectionist, which makes it a must that my outfits seamlessly connects to my interior. Calmness is of high importance for me. As well as in my wardrobe as in my interior, I do not use many colors. Black, white, green, blue and beige are my basic colors. These factors create the perfect atmosphere to rejoice.” 


If you pick a few of your favorite items, why are these dear to you?

“ Almost all of my favorite objects are marked by simplicity, quality and good finishings. For example; one year ago I got myself my first Common Project sneakers. It was quite the expense.  Their simple design appealed to me for years already, but I had no knowledge yet about the quality of the shoe. Now, after a year, it amazes me how great they still look! It made me realize that quality does make a difference. And the details and finishings are great. This makes me enjoy the product for a long time.” 


Agreed! We believe as well that if you finally have found the items you adore, you want to use them for a long time. Quality then is of great importance. What does quality mean to you?

“ Quality means sustainability to me. With this I not only mean a sustainable duration of the usage of products, it also means a sustainable production. I try not to be affected by fast fashion trends and, as much as possible, to choose consciously for products and brands with a story and who are open about their production processes. Obviously comfort in a product is very important, when looking at quality.” 



So quality is very important to you, which other important standards should a product meet in order for you to include it in your ‘selection’?

“ I am incredibly sensitive to experiences. Distinguishing  brands with a good story that offer a product with quality and provide a customer experience, attract my attention. A good customer experience could be a beautiful website or store, but also a stunning packaging. Therefore I believe it is very important to experience a product in an physical store; there are unfortunately not many web-shops that create a similar effect.” 



Shop the ‘Gorilla’s Fur’ merino wool scarf mens, which Guillaume is wearing here.

The dark grey 100% merino knit is available in two sizes and is ‘Socially Made in Amsterdam’. Are you in for a bit more color? Try our ‘Peacock’s Eye’ knit; a classic dark blue merino scarf.

These scarfs are knitted by hand of quality materials, for men and for women.


Table settings by Marieke Verdenius




Under the aphorism ‘Simplicity is key’, Marieke Verdenius performs. When visiting her workplace, we notice  that her token is not merely an online-mask. The calmness and honesty that reflects through the images she creates, is truly there. In space and above all, in person.
Marieke is a visual creator, of which one of the focuses is on food-styling . She captures the flavors of a supper in her images, making you want to sit down at that table, ready for that night’s dinner. She knows exactly how to dress up a table to appeal guests.  At Winter in Holland we are truly appealed to her eye for style. So that is why we asked her to create images for us under our theme ‘Dinner’. In her styling she uses our cotton textile as a napkin.



The napkin:

Winter in Holland originally was set out on developing the ideal cotton cloth that absorbs much water, in order to perfectly dry dishes. We reached our goal. Even though we found out that many of our towel-users, use the textile for different purposes. One of these is the use of the textile as a napkin. We learned that people enjoyed the ‘look’ of the towel so much. They would like to use it as a functional-decoration on the table as well. Which made us curious:

How would a professional table/food stylist, use a napkin? Therefore we asked Marieke to inspire you. By showing you,and us, how she would dress up her dinner table when friends come over:






Images by Marieke Verdenius  

Get yourself one of these napkins. Marieke uses our grey ‘Labiatae‘ in her table setting. They are not only perfect to dress the table, as we know now. The 100% cotton knit is also easy in care: you can wash it on 60 Degrees and it will keep a long lasting beauty.



Skin care secrets by Sara Rosalie



Do you also notice that there are days you wipe off more dirt from your skin with your towel than other days? We mostly notice the biggest difference when biking through town to work versus locking yourself up in a vehicle and drive to work. Even though cycling is healthier, your skin gets way dirtier passing by all those cars in the city. No need to say that you need to clean your skin regularly. Even when not living in the city!
We invited Sara, from the conscious skincare brand Sara Rosalie, to share her skincare ritual with us. If someone knows how to nurture your skin and clean your face, it must be her! She explained to us why our 100% cotton towel is good for your daily facial cleanse.




“Cleansing and nurturing your skin is something you probably do every day. So why not make it a celebration? “

Sara Rosalie


It is important to remove makeup and other dirt that your skin picks up, every single night, so it stays healthy and glowing. This is how you can do that: massage a small amount of the Sara Rosalie Two-in-One Balm warm between your hands, spread it over your face and take it off with a hot towel. Preferably a soft one, so you will not damage your skin. This will give your skin care-moment that nice beautician feeling in your own bathroom.



Finish it off with a Sara Rosalie Daily Moisturizer and Lip Balm for a super hydrated and nurtured skin. 




We used pure cotton yarns to take advantage of the natural characteristic of the fiber: to absorb water.

This towel is loosely knitted with a thick, pure, cotton yarn to give the fiber space to do what it does best. The feel is super soft, and that is the exact reason why it functions: the fiber is not locked up in a tight weave.

Sara used our towel in her images. The green ‘Aurantifolia‘ and the grey ‘Labiatae‘ towels are knitted of 100% cotton. The towel is not only soft, as Sara noticed, but is also easy in care. You wash it on 60 degrees, and is therefore easy in care!

Towel Grey - LabiataeTowel Pink - Pink Pepper

Meet us in 2018



Also this year we are traveling through Europe with our textiles.

We would love to meet you during one of the fairs!



16 Januari – 18 Januari, Premium, Berlin DE

19 Januari- 23 Januari, Maison & Objet, parc des expositions paris nord villepinte, Paris FR

2 Februari – 4 Februari, Blickfang, Hamburg DE

7 June – 10 June , Loft , Messe Karlsruhe, Karlruhe DE

21 June – 24 June, Arnhemse Stockdagen, Sint-Eusebiuskerk Arnhem NL

6 September – 11 September, Maison & Objet, parc des expositions paris nord villepinte, Paris FR Hall 5 Stand Q99

23 November – 25 November, Blickfang Zurich, CH


More dates will follow..




The towel series: DINNER

The textile napkin is as much an accessory as it is a functional cloth; It dresses up the dinner table perfectly, to awe the guests the moment they arrive at your dinner.






You sit down and take the napkin off of the table to leave it on your lap during the whole supper. Perhaps you are quite the messy eater, and is the napkin the protection shield for your clothes. Perhaps you are quite a clean-eater. In that case you dap your mouth twice in every corner after desert, to make tiny spots disappear.


A napkin is an elegant item on the dinner table. For your special parties, or maybe a simple easy gathering with friends. A special textile can give that extra elegance to any occasion.

Would you like to see some more table-setting inspiration? Read our article about Marie Verdenius. She is a food stylist who styles table settings on a daily basis.




For these images, shot by our own studio, we used products from Annemieke Boots, Sissy boy and Dille&Kamille.

Get yourself one of these napkins. Our current collection include 5 colors, which you can check out here.  They are not only perfect to dress the table during a dinner party. The 100% cotton knit is also easy in care: you can wash it on 60 Degrees and it will keep a long lasting beauty.



The towel series: CLEANSE



A towel to dry your face with after a quick rinse with foam and water. Reaching for the towel with your eyes closed. Your finger tips finding the soft cotton yarns. Hastily grabbing the cloth to push it in the corners of eyes to let the fiber take all the water. Leaving you confident enough to open them without letting the soap irritate.





You look at yourself in the mirror while you wipe off the remainings of the foam. You take a damp towel and dap it on the sides of your cheeks.
The cotton has worked its natural advantages on you. The structure of the 100% cotton yarn absorbs the drips of water left on your face. Now the towel is left to dry, to get ready for the next face wash.




For these images, shot by our own studio, we used products from Annemieke Boots, Hay x Jordan, Sissy boy and Dille&Kamille.

Skin care brand owner, Sara Rosalie explains why our cotton textile is good for your daily facial cleanse. Read the article here: Skin care secrets with Sara Rosalie.

The towel series: KITCHEN



The extra quality to add to your charms in the kitchen, is the towel casually hanging over your shoulder. It accompanies you during the full act of cooking. It is the piece of cloth you touch every minute, to quickly clean your fingers if you go from ingredient to ingredient. To cover your hands with when you open the oven to check your casserole or to dry your vegetables with after a rinse of water. 





The towel is the accessory with which you serve the dish to your guests, throw back over your shoulder and forget it is there during dinner. A hidden move to remind all the guests, you were the one to serve tonight’s supper.

When dinner is finished, you go back to the kitchen to clean up the mess you’ve made. Perhaps you do the dishes, perhaps you have a dishwasher. However, there is always a cloth around to dry your delicate glasses, the big pan that does not fit the dishwasher anymore or to dry your hands with to finish the night’s ritual.






For these images, shot by our own studio, we used products from Annemieke Boots and Dille&Kamille.

Press Release Winter in Holland January 2018

Winter in Holland – Finest Fabrics – Interior and fashion accessories



We are proud to announce that this year our Amsterdam social-productions will run fully. All orders made from this point on, are Socially Made in Amsterdam:

The makers come from cultures where education for women, unfortunately, still is uncommon. Ever since they moved to the Netherlands years ago, they were unable to participate on the job market. They were bound to home instead. Winter in Holland helps these women become independent and gives them a career within the field of textiles. The women are educated to become professional knitters, are paid for their work and can receive help to set up their own business. All products made by these craftswomen, are marked with the label: Socially Made in Amsterdam.

 How amazing is it, that we can help each-other out


Winter in Holland is a slow-fashion textile brand conceived and established in Amsterdam by Anouk van der Laan. For us creating fabrics is all about form and function. Focussing on both knitting and weaving allows us to choose the optimal combination between the aesthetics and the purpose of a product. Intrigued by the marriage between man and machine we continuously experiment and search for new and existing techniques. We are eager to find new solutions and come up with unexpected patterns and detailing.


The products in our current collection, made under the label ‘Socially Made in Amsterdam’, are LIJN and Collection 2. Both collections are developed to solely be made by hand: the techniques used are impossible to develop in factories. The attention the knitter gives to each row of the knit, is the soul of the product and the key to the design:

LIJN: The merino woollen scarfs and blankets comes in a plain color with one graphic line in a contrasting color. The craftswomen decides where to place the line, leaving her personal mark on every product:



Collection 2: The yarn of each product is dyed by hand in a special technique which makes the gradient print possible. The craftswomen puts a certain tension on the yarn, deciding the placement of the dye on every knitted row.



——– Agenda ——–


Would you like to meet us and our textiles? In January, Winter in Holland will be exhibiting on B2B fairs PREMIUM in Berlin, and Maison&Objet in Paris.
Not able to visit the fair? Send us a message to connect.

Want to get yourself a Winter in Holland piece? You can check our online shop, meet us during Blickfang in Hamburg in February or find a retailer near you.

Blickfang Hamburg
2 February 2018 2pm -21pm
3 February 2018 11am – 20 pm
4 February 2018 11am – 6pm
Stand location: Dutch Design Special

PREMIUM International Fashion Trade Show
Location: STATION-Berlin
16 January 2018 10am – 7pm
17 January 2018 10am – 7pm
18 January 2018 10am – 5pm
Stand number: The Cubes, C1-A 03

Maison & Objet Interior Trade Show
Location: Parc des Expositions Paris Villepente
19 January 2018 09:30am – 07:00pm
20 January 2018 09:30am – 07:00pm
21 January 2018 09:30am – 07:00pm
22 January 2018 09:30am – 07:00pm
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Stand number: Hall 1, stand D37