Closet Clean

We’re cleaning out the stock of our cushion covers and blankets! This is a rare opportunity for you, to purchase one of our ‘Socially Made in Amsterdam’ products with a discount. These covers and blankets are knitted by hand by our craftswomen in Amsterdam West. The sale is only available online and only on the products that are in stock. Head over to our website to check out the sweet deals.

Let me explain why it is a rare sale: Our production is made by hand out of quality materials. Therefore our prices are honest and that is why we believe that it is unethical to participate on the regular sale-calendar. Then you question: why this exception?

At Winter in Holland we learn and develop every day. We took a look at our stocking system, and we’ve learned that it is not optimal to stock our cushion covers the way we do. The label stocks about 32 kinds of cushions and 10 kinds of blankets. This is a lot for a small business. Besides that it takes up a lot of space, it more importantly becomes cheaper to handle the stocking differently. So therefore we decided to knit only on order and make a spring-clean in our stock! You can take a benefit from it.

Details of the sale: The sale is only applicable on items which are in our stock. Non-stocked items are knitted specifically for each order, and therefore have our normal prices. For the current stock-items, check our web shop.